Searching for the Best Hemp CBD Products in America?

Searching for the Best Hemp CBD Products in America?

Are you looking for the Best, Premium Hemp & CBD Products in America?

If So,  There  are some things you Should Consider... 

Not All Hemp CBD Products are Created Equal. It all Starts with the Grow. First off Does the Company you are purchasing from own the Farm from which the Hemp Extracts and Cbd Oils and Extracts are Derived? To us this is Extremely Important as owning the Hemp Farm Allows us to not only regulate our Crop but Also Allows us  to ensure that our Hemp Crop is grown with the Highest Quality Standards using All Organic Practices. Many Companies Contract with Hemp Farms. Not Us, WE OWN THE HEMP FARM. Quality Control Every Step of the Way so that we can Deliver some of the Finest Hemp CBD Oil's, Hemp CBD Gummies, and cannabinoid Rich Hemp CBD Products on the Market.  Farm to Shelf!

Does the CBD Brand you are Using Third Party Lab Test All of their Hemp and CBD Products?

This is Super Important when choosing Cbd oil, Cbd Gummies, and Other Hemp Cbd products. A Cbd  company can tell you they test all day long however without showing you the results you really have no idea what is actually in the products you are consuming. At Harvey's Fine Hemp we full panel Third Party Lab Test our Hemp Cbd Grow, Our Hemp Cbd After harvest, After Cbd Distillate Extraction, and Prior to and After our Cbd product formulation. This Ensures that we are delivering some of the Highest Quality Hemp Cbd oils and Products on the Market. Clean. Premium. Potent CBD. All Third Party Lab Tested to Ensure Cleanliness and Compliance with the Farm Bill. 

Do the Cbd oils and Cbd Products  you are using contain Pesticides?

Yikes! Pesticides are the culprit for many health issues and allergies along with a host of other issues. Be sure that the brand of Cbd Health and Wellness Products you choose  are free of Pesticides. At Harvey's Fine Hemp we use no pesticides at our Farm. We Provide Third Party Lab testing on our flower that ensures you are receiving CBD Oil and CBD Distillate free of pesticides. All Organic Practices. CBD free of Heavy Metals, Synthetics, and Pesticides.

Do the Cbd oils and Cbd Products you are using Contain Residual Solvents From Extraction?

The Extraction Process is a Highly Advanced Process. Solvents are Used to Extract Cannabinoids from Hemp CBD Flower and Hemp CBD Biomass. At the end of this Process it is Extremely Important to Third Party Lab  test to ensure no residual solvents used in the cbd extraction process are left over in the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract/ Distillate. A third Party Lab Test is a Must to ensure CBD Oils and Distillates free of residual Solvents. Harvey's Fine Hemp CBD Distillate has been third party Lab Tested to Ensure No residual Solvents are Left over from Extraction. Super Clean. Premium. Super Potent. CBD. 

The end Product is a Result of the Hemp Flower?

The Choice is Clear. Our Beautiful GOLDEN CLEAR CBD  Distillate is Extracted from Perfectly Dried Hemp Flower that has been Climate Controlled to preserve Trichomes. The trichomes on the flower offer many of the medicinal benefits of CBD and other Cannabinoids. We ensure our Extractions are Derived from Healthy Hemp Flower that is loaded with trichomes & free of mold and mildew. Not All Hemp Flower is Created Equal. When Searching for the right Hemp and Cbd company to meet your needs be sure to confirm the Cbd oils and Cbd Extracts  are derived from premium Non GMO Hemp flower.

Is the Cbd oil you are using a Cbd Distillate or a Cbd Crude oil?

While Both offer Amazing Health Benefits we Believe in going a step Further and Turning our Crude oil into a Clean and Potent Full Spectrum  Distillate. Research shows this Decarboxylates the Cannabinoids and activates them so that they are more effective when consumed. Distillate offers a cleaner and highly potent end Product. If you haven't tried a Cbd Distillate you Definitely should. Harvey's Fine Hemp Cbd Distillate is ultra Clean, and Highly Potent. Our Customers Rave about the results they are receiving. 

Is it Legal?

Yes, The Farm Bill states that Hemp Derived CBD products are legal as long as they contain less than .3 Delta 9 THC. Ensure the Brand of CBD you choose has Third Party Testing to confirm product legality. All Harvey's Fine Hemp Products Contain less than .3 THC and are compliant with the federal farm bill. We post All Lab Testing on our Website and Link QR codes to our Lab Testing on each Cbd Product Label. 

There are many things to consider when choosing the Best Cbd Health and Wellness Company. We Hope this Info. Helps. 

FDA DISCLAIMER: None of the Above Statements have been Approved or Evaluated by the FDA. Anyone Using Hemp CBD Products should Not rely on the Above information and should Consult a Licensed Physician Prior to Use. Must Be 18 Years of Age .