"Take a Ride out on the Back Forty Just to See What's Out There."



 There is just something relaxing about hopping in an Old Jeep or Land Rover and Riding out on the Back Forty,  Leaving all of your Worries Behind.

 Inspired by a Lifetime Passion for Natural Health and Wellness, High Caliber Farming with Organic Practices,  and a Holistic Lifestyle,  Harvey's Fine Hemp was Born. We aim to Create Premium Hemp Products that Change Lives. In  2019 upon the End of Hemp Prohibition in the Great State of Alabama and the United States , Sprouting out of the Rich Alabama Soil & Reaching towards the Sun you could find some  of the Finest Legal Cannabis/ Hemp  Grown this Side of the Mason Dixon Line. Bursting with Terpene Aroma's & Frosted with Cannabis Trichomes the  Plants were curated into some of the Finest CBD Health and Wellness Products on the Market. Clean, Premium, and Potent. Fusing our Goal  for Natural Health and Wellness with God's amazing Creation- The Cannabis/Hemp Plant. Our CBD Products are a Companion to your Lifestyle & an addition to your Health and Wellness Regimen. We Hope you Enjoy and Find Relief in our All Natural Health and Wellness Line of CBD Products and we can't  Thank you enough for choosing Harvey's Fine Hemp. ALWAYS BLACK LABEL AND ALWAYS TOP SHELF. Rest Assured we Third Party Lab Test our Product Line, qR Code Smart Labels, Child Proof Lids, No Heavy Metals, No Pesticides, No Synthetics. Experience Clean CBD Health and Wellness Products. Experience No Worries. No matter where life takes you...Experience Harvey's Fine Hemp. 


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Est. 2019





Cannabis/Hemp Plants are Loaded with Amazing Compounds Called  Cannabinoids. CBD is Just 1 of Over 100 Cannabinoids Found. While our Products are very High in CBD they Also Offer a Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids Including The Legal Limit <.3% Delta 9 THC. The Body Has a Natural Endocannabinoid System(ECS). Research Has Shown the Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids Along with Terpenes Work in Conjunction with Each other to Maintain Balance in the Bodies ECS System While Binding with the Natural Receptors In the ECS System. All of the Cannabinoids working as a team is called the "Entourage Effect." We Believe Full Spectrum is the Most Effective form of Receiving your Cannabinoids Due to The "Entourage Effect" of the Cannabinoids working in Harmony. For this Very Reason we are a Premium Full Spectrum Company. Our Distillate is Cannabinoid and Terpene Rich. Extracted from the Highest of Quality Perfectly Cured Hemp Flower. We Go Above and Beyond to Ensure Our Products Exceed Expectations. Experience the Harvey's Fine Hemp Difference. Clean. Potent. Distillate. The Way Nature Intended.