What is CBD?
CBD, or Cannabidiol is an Amazing Major Cannabinoid Found in the  Cannabis/Hemp Plant. CBD Products are extremely Popular among Health and Wellness Advocates.
How Does CBD Work in the Brain or Body?
Research Shows Our Bodies Have a Set of Receptors that Interact with Cannabis and Hemp Compounds , Like CBD. These Receptors Found Throuhgout the Body make up the Endocannabinoid system (ECS), A Highly Complex System that Ensures our Bodies Maintain Balance.
Why Full Spectrum?

Cannabis/Hemp Plants Contain a Large Amount of Cannabinoids with CBD Being Only 1 of Many. Many of Our Hemp  Extracts and Distillates Include the Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids As well as  CBD. CBD offers many Beneficial Properties as well as all of the other Cannabinoids. Research Shows that all  Cannabinoids work in Conjunction with Each Other. This is Called the "Entourage Effect." Research shows  this is the Most Effective Method. Our Products Contain the Legal Limit or Less of the Cannabinoid Delta 9 THC . The 2018 Federal Farm Bill States Products Must be Less Than .3% THC to be Legal. All of our Products are Third Party Lab Tested to Ensure they are Less Than .3% THC and Compliant with the  Federal Farm Bill.

Are Harveys Fine Hemp Products Third-Party Lab Tested?

We Third Party Lab Test all of Our Products. We Go Above and Beyond to Deliver Premium, Clean, and Potent Products.         

Will I Fail A Drug Test?
All of Our Products are Third Party Lab Tested and Within the Legal Limit of Delta 9 THC. Trace Amounts of THC Could Result in a Positive Drug Test. If You are Subject to Drug Testing Please Take this Into Consideration.
Why are we Different?

Put Simply, We know the entire process from Farming to Extraction, Product Formulation , and Everything in Between.  We are a Family Owned and Operated Company Rooted in the Rich Soil of Sweet Home Alabama. We are extremely Passionate About High Caliber Cannabis/Hemp Cultivation. Clean. No Pesticides, No Synthetics, No Heavy Metals.We Go Above and Beyond To Preserve Trichomes on our Hemp Flowers (Research shows Trichomes are Crystal Like Compounds on Hemp Flowers that Contain Many of the Wellness Benefits.).  Our Products are carefully formulated using Fine Grade A Distillate... Not Crude Oil. Crude is what you receive after the First Step of Extraction. We take our Extract a Few Steps Further and make a Full Spectrum Ultra Clean Distillate. Distillate is Extremely Clean, Potent, Free of Residual Solvents from Extraction , and Activated.  Research shows Decarboxylation During the Distillate Process Activates the Cannabinoids Allowing for the Highest Bioavailabilty and Effectiveness. Premium. Potent. Clean. CBD. The Choice is Clear. See for Yourself. Experience The Harvey's Fine Hemp Difference.  From Our Family to Yours- Thank you!

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